Meet the Shiftwork Crew


Val Mrozek - Keyboard, Bass and Guitar - From the Baltimore area, playing since the late 1960's. Establishments included Martins West, most Moose Halls, Elk's Clubs and American Legion Halls in the Baltimore area during the 1970's and 1980's.  Val also played in the House band at Lipton's Hall off Belair Road in Baltimore throughout the 1970's.  Local Baltimore groups included: Stan and the Seoul Survivors during the 1960's, Gordon Schaffer Quartet and the Up-Downs in the 1970's and Traces until the mid 1980's.  Played with the Durations and Indenial in the 2000’s.  Currently residing in the Severna Park area, most recently starting up Shiftwork, having fun and looking to make new friends.


Marty Weiss – Drums and Vocals - From the Baltimore area, playing and singing professionally since the late 1970’s with local artists like Mike Mchenry, Kevin Kline, The 8 Ohms band and Last Call. Marty’s influences come from many genres of music including, Country, Classic Rock, Funk, Soul and Jazz. Marty has lived in Maryland all his life, and had the pleasure of performing in Atlantic City, New York and Washington D.C. Marty is looking forward to continuing his musical journey with Shiftwork.

Greg “Muggy” Justice - Lead Vocals – From Anne Arundel County, this one time pro athlete has been rocking out music since he was 6 years old.  With influences of Elvis Presley, The Doors, and Johnny Cash there is no denying his passion for the roots of Rock and Roll.  Greg was in “Grich” and “Alive She Cried” in the 90’s.  In the 2000’s he was a member of the “Durations” along with bandmates Val, Jim, and Steve.  After a hiatus from music to pursue pro football, Greg is back with “Shiftwork” and having a blast.

Steve George - Lead Guitar - From the Baltimore area, playing since the 1960's.  Founding member of Shiftwork.

Rich Hoffman- Bass Guitar -  From the Baltimore area. His dad bought his first bass  at the age of 16. Rich knew that this was the instrument for him. Growing up with classic rock, blues, and British influences; Rich loves laying down the bottom rhythm . Former bands include Roundabout, Misty Blue,and Bandhabit (formerly Measure of Meyhem).  Rich is the newest member of Shiftwork, and is excited to be driving the low end for the band.


Tim Gonzalez - Lead and Rhythm Guitar, Vocals - Originally from New Jersey, Tim is a newly-retired Army Major and has been playing rock guitar since 1985.  Tim was the lead guitarist in a band called "Recoil" in the early 2000's that played in and around Anne Arundel County.  Tim’s guitar influences include the classic British rock pantheon of Jimmy Page, Eric Clapton, Pete Townshend, Jeff Beck and many other greats.  Tim’s guitar DNA also includes hard rock influences along with a great appreciation for rock of all eras.  Tim lives in Baltimore County and is excited to be a  member of Shiftwork.